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Skin tags, as you know are not a pleasant sight and they are not pleasant to touch as well. Skin tags are not fatal but look ugly as hell. I have never liked skin tags but my mother had them. A lot of them and I think she passes them to me as a legacy. Yeah, some legacy. I had one or two on my back when I was a teenager but they started to increase in number and then the worst of all happened. They started growing on my face. I was such an eye candy when I had those on my skin.

I had to do something to get rid of them and thus I asked a cousin of mine because she also was also suffering from the same problem and had used a product recently that helped her get rid of this skin problem. She was trying to get me to use the product but I was too skittish to use that but I was now forced to use the product. Since she was extolling the product so much, I thought why not and then if the product doesn’t work, lasers are always there.

The name of the product that she recommended is DermaBellix. You won’t believe the kind of effects it has on the skin tags and if you are searching for a product that cures the problems of skin tags, this is for you, my friend. I have written everything in my review, so you won’t have to look anywhere else.


Let’s know what are skin tags and what causes them…

Skin tags is a very small protruded skin. They are like cells that have accumulated on the surface of the skin. They have a lot of things in them like collagen, nerve cells, fat cells and some other things. They are not dangerous nor they are painful but sometimes when they come in regular contact, they might cause mild irritation.

Skin tags are not limited to a particular sex or category. Man, woman and even kids are susceptible to skin tags. A lot of infants have been recorded to have skin tags. It is not a new phenomenon but getting rid of them is a risky business and thus this product was made to help you get rid of them easily.

People who are suffering from diabetes and obesity are more prone to this kind of skin problem. I don’t know much about why diabetic patients get them but obese people get them because of a lot of skin to skin contact. The friction between the skin causes them. The most common area to get these are eyelids, neck, armpits, groin folds, and by your breast.


What is DermaBellix and how does it work?

DermaBellix is an oily liquid that comes in a small bottle and is to be applied using a brush which will be provided to you in the bottle as a brush cap. The product contains natural ingredients only and that is why it works the best. There is no chemical added to the product which ensures 100% results and no scars. Yes, the product will make the skin tags go away and they won’t even leave a scar because the other ingredients will make sure all the skin falls off.

The product contains ingredients that will start removing g the skin around the tag and slowly and steadily it will destroy the skin. That way the skin tag will fall off but this whole process will take time and you are recommended not to tug at it as it might cause some bleeding and could leave a scar. Apply this oil and let it work on its own.


Ingredients used in DermaBellix:


  • Liquid Iodine

Iodine plays a very important role in this cream because it does the main part. Iodine in this product will help to break down the skin cells near the skin tag and will cause them to safely fall off. So now you know why this would take time. The cells will take some time to disintegrate and also, here we have to make sure there are no signs. That’s what the other products will do.


  • Dandelion Juice

I really like dandelion, so free and liberating is how you feel when you see them and who knew those wanderers can be of use. There are a lot of benefits of this product and removing skin tags is one of them. Dandelions are rich vitamin and mineral content, which may help to break down and remove excess skin tissue. This will ensure there is no sign that there used to be a skin tag here.


  • Coconut Oil

I don’t think you could talk about skin care and get away without mentioning coconut oil. Much like apple cider vinegar. Coconut oil is very useful when it comes to removing dead skin cell. It also moisturizes the skin.


Advantages of using DermaBellix…


  1. No Pain Or Scarring

This product won’t cause any scarring because it has ingredients that are added just to prevent scarring. You couldn’t have found a product if you scrounged the whole internet because I have done that and I couldn’t find it. Someone suggested it to me and here I am reviewing the product.


  1. No Chemicals And Works On All Skin Types

DermaBellix is made the way so that it suits all skin types. It contains ingredients that cannot harm your skin. Simple stuff that you can even use at your home and that makes this product 100% safe. It doesn’t have any side effects. When you will apply the product, you won’t feel a thing and within a month and two, all the skin tags will fall off without leaving any mark.


  1. All-Natural Ingredients

The natural ingredients accentuate its results because chemical-laced supplements might help you get rid of the tags but they always leave a mark because they burn it and that leaves a mark. This product will work the skin near the tag and slowly it work around it and then it and finally, the tag will fall off.


Buy DermaBellix here:

Before I proceed any further, I would like to warn you that you shouldn’t buy DermaBellix from any retail store because that product is surely a fake product and might do more harm than good.

As for buying, you can click on the image given below and you will be directed to a page where you can buy the product easily. You will have to make the payment first and then you will have the product in no time.

You can also get a trial pack as well. You will have to click on rush my trial and you might get a trial pack. You can use the product and know for yourself whether it works for you and if not, return it within 14-days of delivery.



Initially, I had no trust in DermaBellix but my cousin seemed to be taken with it and thus I decided to go with whatever she said because else she wouldn’t have left me alone. Now I think I was smart enough to follow her advice because it made my life.

I used to feel self-conscious because of the tags. Sometimes, when I was out on the beach, I couldn’t wear a bikini because then the tags would show and they never look pretty. I started using the product and after half a month it started showing effects. I could see the skin hanging loose and after some time, all of the tags fell off. You should use it on the other parts first and then try it on the face because that way you will have 100% security.

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