Is Andro Male Enhancement A Scam? Read Reviews and Side Effect

Life is short and there in no way of living it if you have to sacrifice at each and every point. This statement encompasses all aspects of your life. The facet of your life I am going to talk about is your sexual life. I know it is a sensitive topic but you there is nothing wrong in talking or knowing why you are having such problems.


Sex is a vital part and is necessary for our body. Enjoyable- that too but the need to have sex shows you are a healthy male. If you are experiencing any problems regarding sex, that’s when you get your ass in gear. Now let me share my experience with you and then we’ll get on with how to solve this problem of yours.


I am a 40-year-old male and was and still am healthy and fit. I have a fit built and there is no questioning on my stamina. But between that past and present, there was a time when I neither had stamina nor I was strong. I don’t know why it happened but it just happened. It started with a decrease in energy and then suddenly I was losing weight, muscle mass especially and then the bomb finally went off because I lost my erection and the urge to have sex. All my problems pointed in a single direction and that was a decrease in testosterone.


I then decided to use a supplement and settled on an enhancement product called Andro Enhance. You will know all about the product and a lot more, should you read my review further.


What is Andro Enhance?


Andro Enhance is a supplement that comes in the category of male enhancement supplements. This supplement helps you out of the sexual problems you are facing by increasing the testosterone levels naturally. We’ll know more about testosterone in the next section.


This product uses the best ingredients present out there and much more, that you are not even aware of like Orchic, Withania Somnifera and much more. These ingredients will cover all the problems and will target each and every of them. Some of the ingredients will increase testosterone production, some will enhance T secretion from the respective glands. Few of them will increase the blood flow and the ones that are left will increase Nitric Oxide production. There are many more things you will come to know when you proceed further.


The best part of this product is that it uses the most natural ingredients. Plants and plant extracts are being used to give you a wholesome experience and help you get over your problems in an unbleached way.


What can you tell about the working of Andro Enhance?


The working of this product is just circumstantial but what the hell – we need results and we are getting them. Yeah, that’s the approach we must follow but we are not following it because we should know what is going on in our body and what exactly this product will do.


So, let’s start with the introduction. Andro Enhance will increase a lot of things and sex drive is one of them. How, one must wonder? It will increase testosterone level and the sexual urge will increase automatically. It will also cure the problems of erectile dysfunction and that also will happen when T levels come back to normal from the plunge. Why is T so important? Lets’ know about it.


Testosterone or T (as I like to say) is a steroid hormone. You remember when you were entering your teenage years and your voice became heavy, you started to grow from everywhere and you suddenly had this urge or this energy you needed to vent, yup, that’s sexual urge; this all happened because of a decrease in the level of testosterone. It is also responsible for muscle mass, bone density and a lot more I am not in a mood to get into because we have covered what we are looking for.


This product will increase the level of this steroid hormone and thus half of your problems will be solved. Another half of your problems will be solved by an increase in the blood flow because you need a good and uninterrupted blood flow to have a strong and hard erection. I also mentioned the production of Nitrix Oxide and this gas will fight the fatigue you feel sometimes. An increase in the level of T will also increase the energy level and you will not feel tired while you are performing a sexual activity.


The product will try it’s best to improve your health and provide you with a great sexual life so that you do not do anything half-assed.


Ingredients used in Andro Enhance:



  • MACA



MACA is a herb and this herb is capable of enhancing your libido effectively. The consumption of this herb will result in an increased blood flow that will help you have a hard and prolonged erection.MACA also improves semen quality, targets sexual hormones and decreases anxiety.



  • Asian Ginseng



there was a research going on in Russia which revealed that Asian Ginseng improves mental as well as physical health.This root is greatly known to enhance athletic performance and has shown positive effects on sex glands. It also is adept in boosting testosterone and you know what that means.



  • L-Arginine



L-Arginine is an amino acid and is found in our body naturally although not in abundance but it is there. This acid increases the blood flow in the genital area and that means it will make that area more sensitive and thus will ensure you enjoy sex to the fullest.



  • Boron



Boron is one underrated and underestimated mineral because people think it is not important but you are totally wrong. A little amount of boron works wonders and thus has been added to the product.



  • Tongkat Ali



TA is again a root and this one root will increase the level of testosterone. It also acts as an aphrodisiac and also contributes a great deal in stimulating libido. TA also enhances muscles, so if you start working out, you can get muscles as well.



  • Nettle Extract



This extract has been added to the product to relax the blood vessels. To get an erection, you need to have a good blood flow, because that is how you get a hard-on. This ingredient will increase the vasodilation which will ensure smooth blood flow and a strong erection to satisfy you and your partner.



  • Damiana



It is a wild shrub that was used as an aphrodisiac in ancient times. But it has been added to the mix not only as an aphrodisiac but also as an ingredient that improves semen quality and also to give you prolonged orgasms.


Advantages of using Andro Enhance:


  1. Bigger & Long-Lasting Erections


  1. Maximum pleasure & intensified orgasms


  1. Increase In Sex Drive & Energy


  1. Increased Sexual Confidence


  1. Experience vitality & peak performance


Buy the product here:


You can click on the image given below and you will be able to buy the product from the page you will be redirected to. You also-also avail a trial pack. If you are getting a trial pack, a full-size product will be delivered you and you can use it for a few days. You can pay after a few days if you like it but if you don’t, you will have to return the product within 14-days of delivery.


My take on Andro Enhance:


I made a good decision when I decided to use Andro Enhance as it relieved me of a lot of problems. Erectile dysfunction was cured instantly and my sex drive was back of its continuous use of 3 months. This product is a worth try of you are suffering from a problem that has taken a toll on your life and your confidence too.

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